8 Ways That Live Chat Is Boosting E-Commerce Sales

Over the years, E-commerce has become a massive part of our lives. It has made everything very convenient for a typical buyer. It is no wonder that a major chunk of buyers looks online for buying the products rather than visiting the physical store. That makes customer relationship and management a key area for eCommerce companies.

If your company is looking to join the E-commerce bandwagon, then make sure you have your customer management tools in place. One such great tool is Live Chat. Live Chat is an effective online customer service provider tool that enables visitors of a website to engage with the business by initiating conversations online through a chat window.

8 Ways That Live Chat Is Boosting E-Commerce Sales

Here's how live chat works in boosting eCommerce sales:

1. Recreates a brick-and-mortar experience
For a consumer, the ability to talk to a salesperson in a retail shop is important for sale conversion. Having no one to share any query or concern makes the customers feel unattended. The same is the case with people visiting an E-commerce site. Live chat helps in avoiding that and ensures your customers get a quick response. With Live chat, a reliable customer service provider will always be there to answer any queries that the site visitors might have.
2. Tackles perceived risks quickly
Consumers often worry whether the service or product is worth the money. There are plenty of perceived risks and related questions that arise in the minds of consumers. To handle these concerns, a customer service provider on live chat addresses the concerns about the safety of dealing with the company.
3. Adds more convenience
Live chat facility adds convenience to the E-commerce business. It allows consumers to solve problems from the comfort of their own home. It becomes much easier for a shopper to just contact a company representative over live chat for a quick question or feedback and shop without any worry.
4. Brings back sales by reducing cart abandonment
Live chat customer service executives immediately solve the consumer's issue without any delay. This does not give the visitors a chance to leave your site and look elsewhere. This considerably reduces what we call as ‘cart abandonment.'
5. Allows upselling and cross-selling to customers
You customer service providers can upsell and cross-sell your products and services to the consumers. They can send proactive messages to consumers about similar items. Or, tell them if there are discounts on items from their Wishlist. You can also send messages asking the customer to shop for a few dollars more to access free shipping or other such advantages.
6. Turns your lead into a sale
When your customer service provider is on live chat, the chances of conversion of lead into a successful sale becomes very high. The way you engage with the consumer determines whether they will end up making the purchase or not. If you can push the customer in the right direction as politely as possible, then the sale is yours!
7. The 24/7 availability
People get attracted to E-commerce stores, mainly because they are available 24/7. It is certainly one of the most significant reasons why people have started shopping online. If your customer service provider is available through live chat all the time then higher sales are guaranteed.
8. Offers a personalized experience
The best part of having live chat support on a website is that it allows for a very personalized approach to dealing with prospective customers. You can see where they are located, can strike a conversation in a language they speak, access previous chats if any etc. That surely gives you a strong competitive edge and helps you deal with your customers in a friendlier manner.

In the competitive market of today, having the right tools at hand for assistance is great. Live chat gives the customer experience like none other. The fast exchange of feedback and solutions are great for both parties. An experienced customer service provider like Office Beacon knows how to deal with site visitors over live chat and turn them into customers. Real-time support, clear communication, 24X7 service support are some of the reasons you should consider partnering with us.

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