Behind The Scenes with Maritina Pascual

Posted by Pranav Dalal on Jun 20, 2018 9:29:45 PM
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Office Beacon is the business driven by individuals with common values and goals.  There are no investors, no partners, no family, no nepotism....just hard working individuals working hard every day to make life easier for OB's customers and employees.  These values and work ethic are executed at the highest levels by OB's Senior Site HR Site Director - Maritina Pascual.  Maritina is responsible for our Philippine operations.   Maritina is a go-getter.  Her accomplishments include:

  • As Senior HR Site Manager, Maritina developed strategic HR plans to ensure OB could handle our exponential annual growth rate of nearly 500%
  • Hiring hundreds of employees, Maritina developed HR policies to help OB management managing employees through the hiring, training and production phases.
  • Implemented incentive plans to accelerate  employee performance
  • Overseeing hiring practices to ensure OB is in legal and HR compliance
  • Conduct numerous hiring drives and market the company to prospective employees


Maritina is a mother of 3.  Her oldest daughter is 23 working in the United Arab Emirates as a Supervisor Barista.  Her middle daughter is 22 and owns her own Photography Studio.  Her teenage son is in the 10th grade studying at Westfield International School and hoping to be a professional soccer player.

You don't know what you're missing!

Maritina's background and work experience is extensive.  She's worked in all areas of business including marketing and campaign management; finance management and most significantly, HR management.  This combined history and experience has enabled Office Beacon to take off in the Philippines.  There's no doubt that our clients have benefitted greatly by our team's work ethic, led by Maritina.  We welcome you to reach out to us and find out what you're missing!

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